Readers ask: How much can you upload to youtube?

Is there a limit to how much you can upload to YouTube?

The maximum file size that you can upload is 128 GB or 12 hours, whichever is less. We‘ve changed the limits on uploads in the past, so you may see older videos that are longer than 12 hours.

Can I upload a 30 minute video to YouTube?

Increase your video length limit

By default, you can upload videos that are up to 15 minutes long. Verified accounts can upload videos longer than 15 minutes. To verify your Google Account: On a computer, go to

Can you bulk upload to YouTube?

Bulk upload

If you have many assets to deliver, you‘ll want to upload them to YouTube in bulk by using the Package uploader. This tool lets you to create upload batches containing all your content files (sound recordings and videos). See this article for more details.

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How do I upload a 20 minute video to YouTube?

Open the YouTube upload page at

  1. Click Increase your limit link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Follow the steps to verify your account with a mobile phone.
  3. When you receive a text message from YouTube in response, enter the verification code from the text message and click Submit.

How long should a YouTube video be 2020?

Best YouTube video length for monetization

But for optimal revenue sakes, make your video is at least 8 minutes, because you can place extra mid-role ads in the video.

Does YouTube delete old videos?

No, they do not. One thing you must realize is that the really old videos on YouTube are not in HD and are shorter in length… this means that old videos take up only about 10% of disk space (and bandwidth). There isn’t that big of an incentive to go and delete these videos.

Why is YouTube processing abandoned?

This issue can be caused by the length of your uploading video too. If your uploading video is too long, you can adjust the length of your uploading video to make YouTube allow your uploading request. The error – processing abandoned YouTube video failed to upload may disappear after you try the second solution.

Why is YouTube saying my video is too long?

If your YouTube account is unverified, you should see a red warning icon with the message “Rejected (length of video is too long)” for the uploaded video that exceeds the 15 minutes length limit. To enable the video, you’ll need to perform a verification step by clicking the “Verify account” button.

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How do you upload to YouTube remotely?

Part 2. Steps to Directly Remote Upload YouTube from Google Drive

  1. First get the link of the video that you want to upload to YouTube.
  2. Upload the video to Google Drive.
  3. Open g+ and then go to settings.
  4. Then enter and sign in to your YouTube account.

How do I upload a doc to YouTube?

Upload videos in YouTube Studio

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click CREATE. Upload video.
  3. Select the file you’d like to upload.

What is the longest YouTube video?

Jonathan Harchick has created and uploaded the longest YouTube video of all time, clocking in at 571 hours, 1 minute and 41 seconds. He says, “I challenge anyone to try and make a longer video.”

How long does it take to upload a 20 minute video on YouTube?

A 20 minute video will generally take about 10 minutes or less to upload to YouTube, but the processing takes longer than the upload. Between 10-20 minutes. Though I could probably have it be faster if I did stuff like handbrake to it.

How do I allow longer videos on YouTube 2020?

Increase your video length limit

  1. Open the YouTube mobile app.
  2. Tap Create at the bottom of the screen and then select Upload a video.
  3. Tap Record or select a video longer than 15 minutes.
  4. Choose your video’s title, description, and settings, then tap NEXT.
  5. Follow the steps to verify your Google Account.

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