Readers ask: How can i lookup my cna license number?

How do I look up my CNA license?


  1. Go to the License Verification site.
  2. Enter Nurse Aide Registry as “Profession” and Certified Nurse Aide as “License Type”
  3. Enter the first and last name and/or the certification number (e.g. CNA-12345) into the search box labeled “License Number”
  4. Click the search button.

How do I find my CNA license number in Texas?

Nurse Aide Registry. Find nurse aide registries in other states. Texas Health and Human Services maintains a registry of all nurse aides who are certified to provide services in nursing facilities and skilled nursing facilities licensed by the agency. To contact the nurse aide registry, please call 512-438-2050.

Does a CNA expire?

CNA certification typically lasts for 2 years. If the CNA does not meet the renewal criteria, and their certification has not been expired for longer than 2 years, some states will allow a renewal via a competency exam.

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How do I check my CNA license in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s Nurse Aide Testing and Registry system is called Testmaster Universe (TMU) and is hosted by Headmaster.

  1. Registry: 888-401-0465.
  2. Testing: 888-401-0462.

Can I print my CNA certification online?

State Procedures

If you need to get a duplicate copy of your CNA credentials, visit your state nursing board website. The site has information as to the process for requesting your credential. In some cases, you’ll be able to order a copy online. Otherwise, you may need to submit your request via postal mail.

What happens if you let your CNA license expire?

If you let your certification expire, you will be required to re-test at a California Department of Public Health-approved training program. CNA certificates must be renewed every two years.

How do I get a copy of my CNA license in Texas?

CNA License Copy

You must complete a form requesting the reprinting of your nursing assistant certificate. The completed form along with a clear copy of a form of identification need to be sent to the Texas nurse aide registry.

How long can you let your CNA license be expired?

For those with California CNA certification that has expired in the past two years, they can complete an application for renewal. If the expiration is beyond two years, the California CNA must complete a 75-hour training and evaluation program approved by the state. Those with revoked certificates cannot renew.

How do I look up a business license in Texas?

You can find information on any corporation or business entity in Texas or another state by performing a search on the Secretary of State website of the state or territory where that corporation is registered.

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How much do a cna make an hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median CNA pay per hour in 2019 was $14.25 an hour, up from $13.72 per hour in 2018. The national average annual CNA salary was $29,640, up from $28,530 in 2018 and $27,510 in 2017.

Can you work as a CNA without being certified?

Working Without Certification

Some employers hire non-certified nursing assistants and allow them to perform the duties of a CNA without the title. However, this is typically for nurse assistants who have completed a training program and are waiting to take the state’s certifying exam.

What is the fastest way to become a CNA?

The best and fastest way to become certified as a CNA is by becoming a part of a Consolidated Nurse Aid School in your local area.

What does a CNA do?

CNAs fill important roles in a variety of different settings. Working under the guidance of RNs or LPNs, they help patients on a physical, emotional, and personal level. They perform daily activities for patients, such as helping them bathe, preparing meals, and transferring them into their wheelchairs.

Can you be a CNA at 16 in Wisconsin?

How to Become a CNA in Wisconsin. To start a CNA training program, you need to be at least 18 years old. There is no minimum education requirement for nurse aides such as a high school diploma or a GED. Trainees with specific criminal convictions will not be allowed to practice as a CNA.

How do I renew my Wisconsin drivers license?

The document categories include:

  1. Proof of name and date of birth.
  2. Proof of citizenship or legal status in the U.S.
  3. Proof of identity.
  4. Proof of name change (if applicable)
  5. Proof of Wisconsin residency ​(2)
  6. Present your Social Security number.

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