Quick Answer: How strong can the ebony blade get?

Does the Ebony Blade really get stronger?

The blade cannot be upgraded. This is explained in Admonition Against Ebony which states that: “Not even the hottest fires of the Skyforge could melt it; indeed the coals themselves seemed to cool when it was placed within,” revealing the sword’s immunity to heat or normal forging/smithing techniques.

How much damage can the Ebony Blade do?

Skyrim:Ebony Blade

Daedric Artifact: Ebony Blade (0004a38f) (lore page)
Type Two-handed Greatsword
Editor ID DA08EbonyBlade
Damage 11

What is the fastest way to strengthen the Ebony Blade?

Get the Ritual Stone just east of Whiterun, and kill any follower with the ebony blade. Ressurect them with the Ritual Stone power, and kill em again. Just wait 24 hours for the Ritual Power to regenerate. Yeah, Dead Thrall’d NPCs can be abused to power up Ebony Blade.

Who can I kill with the Ebony Blade?

Amaund Motierre, if you kill him per the Emperor’s last request, counts towards powering up the Blade. If you don’t have any interest in joining the Dark Brotherhood, killing Astrid and everyone in their sanctuary counts during Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!.

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What is the strongest weapon in Skyrim?

Daggers have the highest attack speed and lowest base damage of all weapons in Skyrim, but that doesn’t mean they should be ignored.

The best Daggers in Skyrim.

Weapon Dragonbone Dagger
Damage 12
Weight 6.5
Upgrade with ingot, Perk Dragon Bone, Dragon Armor
Effect None

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Is Ebony Mail Good for assassins?

Ebony mail is great for those who have been playing a heavy armor oriented character to easily accomplish the Thieves guild quests if they want. Combined with a good sneak skill and maybe an enchanted item, you’ll be just about undetectable even if you’re wearing a full set of heavy armor.

Is Ebony Blade leveled?

Nope it’s not levelled. The enchantment levels up by the unique effect as you probably know, but it doesn’t matter what level you are when you get it. It’s actually a much better weapon early on as it can’t be upgraded with smithing.

Is the Ebony Blade a leveled weapon?

No, it isn’t. The only leveled weapons in the game are: Chillrend. Dragonbane.

Does the Ebony Blade scale with level?

It has always the same absorbing effect when you get it, regardless of your level. Mind that, it can’t be upgraded, but the heal absorbing enchantment can be strengthen by killing friends with it. It’s not leveled, so you can get it whenever you get the Whispering Door quest (I think level 20).

Is the Ebony Blade the best weapon in Skyrim?

The Ebony Blade isn’t good at all, really. It seems to share that with most Daedric Artifacts. They’re cool and kind of gimmicky, but ultimately they’re not great items. Also, the only way you’re getting the Ebony Blade to full power is by killing people who like you with it.

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What is the strongest two handed weapon in Skyrim?

Stalhrim Warhammer

Warhammers are, hands down, the strongest out of all the two-handed weapons in the Skyrim world.

How do you kill Beitild without a bounty?

There are several ways to go about this:

  1. Kill her directly.
  2. Claim to be from the Dark Brotherhood.
  3. Wait until night, then break into her house and kill her there, where there are no witnesses.
  4. With high Sneak, jump onto the roof of a building and use a bow to snipe her in one hit without the guards seeing it.

Can you get the ebony blade after Stormcloaks?

If the quest is started and left alone, and then the “Battle for Whiterun” quest completed for the Stormcloaks, Balgruuf will no longer be Jarl. Doing so enables the Dragonborn to “retrieve the Ebony Blade,” thus completing the quest.

Where can I buy Dead Thrall spell?


  • Phinis Gestor sells this spell after the completion of the Conjuration Ritual Spell.
  • After entering Apocrypha in The Elder Scrolls V: Dragonborn, it is possible to find the tome at the table next to the Black Book.

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