How can i pay my rent online?

What is the best way to pay rent electronically?

Here are some electronic payment options for tenants that you should consider implementing.

  1. ACH Electronic Transfer. Setting up ACH payments is simple and hassle-free.
  2. Venmo.
  3. Zelle.
  4. Apple Pay.
  5. PayPal.
  6. Square.
  7. Online Rent Collection Services.

Is there an app to pay rent?

A rent payment mobile app is an app or platform that is designed to collect money from tenants for landlords to cover rent. In addition to rent payment apps, there are many rental management companies and services that have their own rental payment portals online.

Can tenants pay rent electronically?

It’s certainly not illegal for L.A. landlords to give their tenants the option to pay rent online. According to California state law, “A landlord or a landlord’s agent shall allow a tenant to pay rent and deposit of security by at least one form of payment that is neither cash nor electronic funds transfer.”

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Is paying rent online safe?

In most cases, paying online is very safe. In fact, it’s generally safer to pay online than with a paper check.

How can I get free rent online? PayLease allows you to collect rent or HOA dues online. Your tenant sets up an account and can make individual payments each month or set up an automatic payment schedule. Your tenant can pay with cash at Wal-Marts and local grocery stores. They can also use a credit card or an eCheck.

Can you pay your rent in cash?

Under California law, it’s illegal for a landlord to require cash and/or electronic deposits as the sole methods to pay rent. Landlords must allow a tenant to pay rent using at least one of these other options as well: check, cashier’s check, or money order.

Is venmo a good way to pay rent?

The app’s site specifically touts it as a good tool to use for paying rent to your landlord, but like PayPal, it’s recommended that the payment be marked as a “business payment,” incurring a fee of 2.75%. If your rent is $1000 a month, you’d need to send $1027.50 to make sure your landlord gets all his money.

Can I pay rent with Afterpay?

We’re proud to announce that we’ve introduced Afterpay! So now you can rent the perfect outfit right away and pay for it later, interest-free!

What is a rent payment card?

A rent payment card is a plastic card which holds a tenants rent reference number and the council’s banking details. The rent payment card can be used to pay rent at any Post Office.

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Can a landlord change payment method?

Generally, a landlord has the right to choose a certain form or forms of payment that they will accept. A landlord can change the way in which rent is paid, just as they can change other terms in a lease or rental agreement.

What is the best app for landlords?

Take a look at these four landlord apps for Android and iPhone to help you with your investment property endeavors.

  • Property Buddy. This is the perfect example of a DIY landlord app, and it’s specifically for those who have multiple properties.
  • Zillow Rental Manager.
  • Homestyler.
  • Thumbtack.
  • Smarter Landlording.

Can you put rent on a credit card?

Many landlords refuse to accept credit cards as a method of paying rent. But if you make monthly rent payments to a big property management company or use a third-party service, you might be able to do it. Putting your rent payment on a credit card often results in an extra fee, however.

Can a landlord refuse payment by check?

A landlord or rental agent can refuse to accept a check in full payment for monthly rental. If your written lease makes no specific reference as to how the monthly payment is to be made, then you are entitled to make the payments by personal check.

Can my landlord make me pay by cashiers check?

A: Civil Code 1947.3 precludes a landlord from requiring that rent be paid in “cash.” Money orders or cashier checks are not included in this definition; therefore, the request is permissible.

Can you trust apartments com?

Use a trusted search site.

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While searching online for apartments makes the whole process a lot more convenient, some search sites can also be full of scams. To start off on the right foot, make sure you‘re using a search site you can trust, such as,, or

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