FAQ: How many bulbs can a hue bridge control?

How many lightbulbs can a hue bridge control?

The Hue Bridge – with an advertised 50 bulb limit – actually has a hard limit of 63 lights (and 62 accessories), however you may start having performance issues above 40-45 lights and above 12 accessories. Buying a second Hue Bridge is the only real solution, even though this has some issues in itself.

How many devices can a hue bridge control?

Simply download the Philips Hue app on each device and connect it to the Hue Bridge that you want to control. Each Hue system can be controlled by up to 10 devices.

Can Philips hue dimmer control multiple lights?

If you want to control more than one light, you can pair up to nine additional bulbs—anything in the Philips Hue series—to the one dimmer. The only drawback is that all the lights linked to the dimmer will turn on/off or brighten/dim at the same time.

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How do I add more bulbs to my hue bridge?

Open the Philips Hue App on your smartphone or tablet. Tap Settings, then Light Setup. Tap the plus icon in the bottom-right corner, to add a new light. Tap search, to search for your new light.

How far can a hue bridge reach?

This is somewhat confirmed by the official ZigBee Alliance stats, which say the outdoor line of sight range (i.e. without any obstacles in the way) is over 300m. But what about indoor range? Well ZigBee Alliance’s stats also mention this, saying indoor range is 75-100 metres.

What is the difference between Philips hue Bridge 1 and 2?

One of the most noticeable upgrades is that the 2nd-gen bulbs are 200 lumens brighter than 1st-gen Hue bulbs. The newer bulbs shine at 800 lumens at their max, whereas the old bulbs can only get up to 600 lumens at their brightest. This means that the newer bulbs are 25% brighter.

How many hue bridges do you need in a house?

One bridge should be fine unless you try adding more than 63 lights. For bulbs that are far from the bridge make sure to have intermediate bulbs. They can pass the ZigBee commands to the distant bulbs.

Can Hue bridge control other devices?

The Philips Hue bridge uses the Zigbee Light Link standard, which makes it, according to Philips, compatible to all such light bulbs and devices.

Can you control Hue lights without a bridge?

The newest Hue bulbs can use Bluetooth to pair directly with your phone without need for a Hue Bridge, but you‘ll miss out on most all of Hue’s advanced features and integrations. The newest version comes with three white-light bulbs and a wall-mountable smart button that you can program to control them for $99.

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How do I add lights to my hue dimmer switch?

To start, open up the Philips Hue app on your smartphone and tap on the settings gear icon in the top-left corner of the screen. Select “Accessory setup”. Tap on the round plus button in the bottom-right corner. Select “Hue dimmer switch”.

How does Philips hue dimmer switch work?

It not only adjusts the intensity of your lights, but you can even cycle through four different light recipes with the on-button, so your favorite mood lighting is activated with a push of a button. The Smart Dimmer Switch works with up to 50 lights if you have the Philips Hue Bridge or 10 lights without it.

How many lights should be on a dimmer switch?

This means that if an incandescent dimmer is rated at 600W, you can’t assume you can use twenty-four 25W LED fixtures. A good rule of thumb is to allow 100W for each LED fixture so in this case, the 600W dimmer can handle only six LED fixtures.

Can you use Philips hue with Alexa without bridge?

Or you can connect your Philips Hue lights to your Alexa or Google Home Devices, so you can control them with voice commands. You can only Philips Hue smart light bulbs without the Hue Bridge if you have the Bluetooth models.

Can not connect to Hue bridge?

Ensure the hue bridge is directly and securely connected to the router. To fix this issue, you need first to restart the hue bridge. Turn it off and then wait for a few seconds before turning it on. Restarting the hue bridge erases the history of the previous network connection and allows for a fresh re connection.

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Does Philips hue bridge need Ethernet?

Hue Bridge Without Ethernet. The Phillips Hue Bridge lighting system comes with an ethernet option. Basically, it was discovered that the Hue Bridge actually comes with a disabled 802.11n/g Wi-Fi radio. Using this radio, one can turn the device into a fully functional wireless device.

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