FAQ: How can i watch are you the one?

Where can I watch all seasons of Are You the One?

While Netflix is only streaming the first two seasons, you can also check out Seasons 1-6 on CBS All Access. MTV is streaming Seasons 4, 6, 7, and 8 directly on its website, all of which you can watch with a cable login. You can also rent or buy the entire series on Amazon or Vudu.

Is are you the one on Netflix?

Seasons one and two of Are You The One are available on Netflix now.

Where to watch Are You the One Season 4?

Currently, only seasons 1 and 2 are available for streaming on Netflix.

What streaming service has Are you the one?


  • Streaming.
  • Netflix Streaming.
  • Amazon Prime.

Does Hulu have Are you the one?

Does Hulu Have Are You the One?: Season 4 Streaming? *Watch Are You the One?: Season 4 on Hulu either streaming online or on your favorite device. Open either HBO, HBO Go or HBO Now to watch Are You the One?: Season 4 streaming online or on your device of preference.

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What seasons of Are You the One are on Netflix?

Are You The One? Seasons 1 and 2 are now streaming on Netflix.

Who is Shanley dating?

Shanley is currently in a relationship with Cameron Porras.

Did Ethan and Amber Get Married?

Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond are very much still together and got married in September 2014 – the same year they met on the reality TV show.

Which is the best season of Are You the One?

The BEST Seasons of Are You the One?

  1. #1 – Season 2. First Aired: Oct 6, 2014.
  2. #2 – Season 7. First Aired: Aug 15, 2018.
  3. #3 – Season 3. First Aired: Sep 24, 2015.
  4. #4 – Season 5. First Aired: Jan 11, 2017.
  5. #5 – Season 8. First Aired: Jun 26, 2019.
  6. #6 – Season 1. First Aired: Jan 21, 2014.
  7. #7 – Season 4.
  8. #8 – Season 6.

How many are you the ones seasons?

Only one season of the show has lost the game. So far, cast members on seven of the eight seasons of the show have successfully found their matches. Unfortunately for season-five contestants, they failed at finding all 11 perfect matches.

Who was Tori’s match on Are You the One?

Season 4’s Ken and Barbie, Tori and Morgan didn’t need the Truth Booth to confirm their Perfect Match status, they just knew. After their season ended, their relationship continued until it was met with an unexpected hurdle.

Are you the one on Amazon Prime?

Are You the One?” will select 10 single women and 10 single men who have had no luck in finding lasting love and will first conduct a thorough assessment, using a team of professional matchmakers, and psychologists. By ordering or viewing, you agree to our Terms. Sold by Amazon.com Services LLC.

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Is Chris T and Shanley still together?

Though Chris and Shanley doubted the Are You the One perfect match algorithm, the two are no longer together. Meanwhile, Amber Lee and Ethan Diamond were placed together, and they are married today.

How much is CBS All Access?

Subscribers to the $9.99 Commercial Free plan can watch in Dolby Vision and 4K HDR (HDR10) if the episode has it enabled. Paramount Plus supports these video formats on Amazon Fire TV (4K Stick, Cube), Android TV (on HDR/DV Capable TV), and Apple TV 4K HDR (5th Gen) devices.

Are you the one couples still together?

Ethan and Amber Diamond

Oh, and they are actually the only perfect match (meaning they were paired by the experts FYI) that are still together post-show. “As the only matched couple that has made it from Are You The One?, everyone’s always asking what our secret is.

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