FAQ: How can i get out of my sprint contract?

How can I get out of my Sprint contract without a fee?

Here are some ways to get out of your cell phone contract without paying the Early Termination Fee.

  1. Transfer to a Cell Carrier That Will Pay Your ETF.
  2. The Cell Provider Changes the Terms of the Contract.
  3. Transfer Your Contract to Someone Else.
  4. Complain Often, but do it the Right Way.

How much does it cost to cancel Sprint service?

If you’ve entered into a one- or two-year contract and choose to terminate or cancel your service before your contract ends, you will be charged an early termination fee of up to up to $350/line for Advanced Devices & up to $200/line for all other devices.

How do I end my contract with Sprint?

Dial *2 from your Sprint phone or call 888-211-4727 to speak with a representative. If you have a business plan, dial *2 from your Sprint phone or call 800-927-2199.

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Can you cancel one line of a Sprint family plan?

You can not remove / cancel a line of service online. You need to call customer service to have this done, and no, you wont be charged a cancellation fee if you are out of contract, however, you will have prorated charges for the plan that was used and a credit for the rest

Can I end my sprint lease early?

If you decide to cancel your lease before the 18 month lease term is up, Sprint will require you to pay the remaining lease payments—as well as the Purchase Option Price. After this, you are free to leave and take your device with you.

Does Sprint sue for unpaid bills?

Sprint isn’t suing you. They sold the debt to collectors years ago. $750 isn’t worth filing a lawsuit over by a debt collector.

How do I end my sprint Flex Lease?

You can cancel your lease if you decide to part ways with your Sprint Flex plan before the term is up. However, this will come at a cost: You’ll have to pay the remaining balance left on your lease. You’ll also need to return the phone to Sprint (be sure to contact them and get a return kit).

Can I return my phone to Sprint?

Simply return your device in good, working condition to your original place of purchase and contact us to deactivate service within 14 days of activation, and Sprint will: Refund the device purchase price and any down payment, as well as any installment billing or lease payments made to date.

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How long do you have to cancel Sprint contract?

If your contract is brand new, Sprint allows you to up to 14 days to cancel without early termination fees, provided you return the device and pay for any service you‘ve used. But you‘ll still be charged a $35 restocking fee unless you‘re returning a device that was never activated.

How long does a Sprint contract last?

Sprint (S) announced that it will phase out two-year contracts for its customers by the end of the year. That will leave AT&T (T) as the only nationwide U.S. carrier to offer two-year contracts. Verizon (VZ) abandoned its contract program this week. T-Mobile (TMUS) stopped more than two years ago.

How do I know when my Sprint contract is up?

Log into your sprint.com account and it should be under About my devices under your device. See my contract details.

What is Sprint change of ownership?

The Releasor is the account holder releasing ownership of the phone number and the phone using that number. The Acceptor is the account holder accepting ownership of the phone number and the phone using that number.

Can you get off someone’s phone plan?

You can not move either plan until you are no longer under an Edge contract – pay whatever the remaining balance is on the line you need to move. Once that is complete, then you can separate. If you are the account owner, he would need to call in and do an assumption of liability and pay off his Edge contract.

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Can I suspend a line on my Sprint account?

Sprint doesn’t have a lot of information on its website about suspending service. The carrier had a service called Seasonal Standby that let you pay a lesser rate to maintain your account, but it’s no longer available.

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