While You’re Over There Twiddling Your Thumbs…

Somebody else is living the life they’ve dreamt of.


While you’re over there trying to find ways to keep from failing

Somebody else is picking themselves up off of the ground with a passion you have never felt before. They won’t let that shit happen again. They’ve taken the best feedback possible and turned it into a well-crafted strategy. They’re not afraid of failure anymore. So, they don’t have time to sit around trying to figure out how to avoid it. They have a mission to accomplish.

While you’re over there thinking about how much money you can make

Somebody else is finally pursuing their dreams of doing what they love to do. Are they concerned with the money? Nope… because they understand what it means to be an entrepreneur. It’s not something you do when you feel like doing it. It’s who you are. They know that if they do what they love, the lucrative opportunities will arise and they’ll be ready to take advantage of them. Real entrepreneurs are always ready.

While you’re over there trying to squeeze your entrepreneurial work into your day after coming home from your corporate job

Somebody else has already left their J.O.B. in the past and moved on to something that is far more concerned with fulfilling their hearts instead of filling their bank accounts. They know that the worst day of working for yourself is still better than the best day of working for someone else.


While you’re over there sitting on your ass thinking about how much you dominate the competition

Somebody else is trying to compete at a level that no one expects them to be at. They understand that you don’t get better by being better. You get better by getting your ass kicked 7 times and getting back up 8 times. Losing comes with a bonus. It’s called experience.

While you’re over there watching your favorite sport on TV

Somebody else is putting together a local league and making it a bigger part of their life than it already is. They’re building a community of other athletes with the same interests to use as workout buddies on the days when they may not feel like getting off of their ass and getting a workout. They know how much of a role their environment plays.


While you’re over there selecting hexadecimal codes for the link color on your Google AdSense ads

Somebody else is in Microsoft Word writing the pages of their 30-page ebook so they can give it away for free when people subscribe to their blog. They don’t take the quick way out. They’ve read the same articles you’ve read about the many ways of making money online. They didn’t dismiss the strategies that required a shit-load of work, though. Those are the ones they pursued.

While you’re over there stalking your favorite blog in order to be the first person to comment when a new post is published

Somebody else is stalking the comments section of that very post because they wrote it. They weren’t afraid to guest post on a bigger blog than their own in order to gain more exposure. They want to drive traffic to their blog because of how good their writing is… not because their comment is at the top of the list and statistics show that the top comment gets a little click love.

While you’re over there watching video after video of the gurus saying the same things over and over

Somebody else is turning the corner of their bedroom into a mini-studio for making videos. They understand that things will get better with time… but they have to be in control of that time. They know that sitting around waiting for more money to come in isn’t going to better prepare them for making videos. The first ones aren’t going to be as good as the recent ones. And? Who cares? Get your ugly mug in front of the camera and talk to your audience.

While you’re over there Tweeting, Liking, Plus 1-ing, Stumbling and Digging

Somebody else is conducting a podcast interview with an internet entrepreneur that every wants to hear from. They had the guts to ask if they could conduct an interview and the interviewee actually said yes. They’re reaching out to an audience that’s seeking information. Not an audience that’s seeing information… in their feeds.

People In General

While you’re over there complaining about the crap you see in your Facebook news feed

Somebody else is trying to figure out how a free-to-use website becomes a billion dollar business. It’s not enough for them to just take things at face value. They want to know what’s going on behind the scenes that makes things work the way they do. Inquisitive minds continuously learn new things that equip them with the knowledge needed to find their true calling in life. They don’t just embrace the most recent “news.”

While you’re over there watching the latest reality show on TV

Somebody else is reading something that doesn’t need captivating music and quick transitions from scene to scene in order to hold attention. They understand the importance of relevant information that can be put on hold for time to register what was taken in. They don’t need to be entertained from sun up to sun down. What’s entertaining to them is the art of creating the reality they desire… and having fun doing it.

While you’re over there complaining about your job

Somebody else is putting in their two weeks notice with absolutely no idea if they will ever find another job. In fact, they don’t want another job. The big house, fancy cars, and useless material possessions didn’t fill them with joy anyway. So, they’re not obsessed with doing what it takes to make just enough money to keep all of that crap.

While you’re over there thinking of what everyone else has done to you

Somebody else is trying to figure out what they can do to help others. They realize that it’s not always about them. Random acts of kindness aren’t really that random for them anymore. It’s who they are and what they are known for. They understand that the giving lifestyle is always reciprocated in the form of what matters most to the giver… whatever that may be.

While you’re over there thinking about what happened to you

Somebody else is thinking about how they’re going to react to it.

If you’re fitting in with everyone else, you’re doing something wrong. All of us wonder the same things… ask the same questions… think the same thoughts… consider the same alternatives… we all see the same world.

The difference between you and them is that they aren’t afraid of the unknown. They go for what’s right and become obsessed with the why instead of the how.

Forget about the how and make something happen based on desired results. Just be real about the results you desire.

Don’t lie to yourself.

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Hey Sean, it’s my first time here on your site…

Just wanted to tell you that I really loved reading this article. It came across as a bit preachy at times but it scared the hell out of me…pretty motivatonal! :-)

P.S.: I now think I waste wayyyyy too much time…

 Thanks for reading! I probably waste even more time. 😛 When I get in the zone for long periods of time, though, i manage to make it up. Still working on it!

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