Make Decisions Quickly

I read somewhere before that you should be quick to make decisions and slow to change your mind. When people ask me for advice and they’re trying to make decisions, that’s the gist of what I tell them.

They always look at my funny because it sounds kind of backwards. Making decisions quickly (which they interpret as not giving it much thought) is the part that throws people off the most.

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Refuse to Lose

Nothing about your future is guaranteed. All you can do is choose a standard and refuse to accept anything less. It’s that simple… so simple that I find myself wanting to pin people up against the wall and yell it into their faces until they cry like sissies just so I know they hear me.

You cannot defeat a person who will not stop fighting. “I will not lose” is the mantra. Do you understand what that means? It’s not just cockiness or confidence. It’s the ONLY sense of certainty you can EVER trust because it’s the only one you’re in control of. It’s created in your mind and carried through by your actions.

Think about this…

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How I Get MY Motivation

Right arm tattoos read…

“No Stress – Love, Live Life, Proceed, Progress…” (my first tattoo and favorite words to live by)

“SCD Will Not Lose” (SCD = Sean Christopher Davis. The world is behind my initials because it’s mine. The whole damn thing.)

“Top One” (As in strive to be in the “top 1%” of everything you do in life.)

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